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The Great Diversity Scam

In this piece, published in Quillette Magazine, I put forward the argument that ‘Diversity’ is just another industry that puts ideology before truth. Read more on Quillette Magazine…

/ March 11, 2016

The internet must never be a safe space

In this article for Spiked Online, I discuss the case of Gregory Alan Elliott, a Toronto artist who fell foul of a mob of Twitter Feminists. The internet must never be the “safe space” they want, because it is clear...

/ November 28, 2015

Why the Snooping Bill won’t work

This article was published in Spiked only a day before the attacks in Paris. This makes the points contained within even more critical, given that terrorism is often used as a justification for eroding the privacy of everyone. As Tom Slater...

/ November 18, 2015

Stand with Ahmed? Then challenge the zero-tolerance mania

After the recent controversy surrounding the arrest of Secondary School student Ahemed Muhammed, I challenge the popular narrative that the prime motivator in his arrest was lucky patcher for ios Read more at Spiked Online  

/ October 7, 2015

Snow White and the PC brigade

After a production team at a theatre announce they are to ban all references to “Dwarfs” in a rendering of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I challenge the new culture of language policing and offence seeking. Read more at Spiked...

/ October 7, 2015

The UK’s War on Porn – Turning ISP’s into Parents

David Cameron is pushing for further censorship of the internet, under the guise of “protecting” children from exposure to porn. I remind him that it is the parent’s job, not the state, to supervise their children’s web usage. This article...

/ October 7, 2015

Game of Thrones in nasty scene shocker

Producers of the TV Series “Game of Thrones” came under fire after depicting a scene in which Sansa Stark is raped. In this short article, I question why it appears to now be taboo to depict violence against women in fiction...

/ October 7, 2015

Videogames don’t make you violent – or sexist

Over the past year, there has been a lot of controversy about alleged sexism in the Gaming Industry and Culture. In my début article for Spiked Online, I put forward the argument that Gaming does not have a sexism problem, and that those...

/ October 7, 2015