A Court Summons has been issued for Bahar Mustafa, the Goldsmiths University Diversity Officer who came into prominence after tweeting “#KillAllWhiteMen” earlier this year. Mustafa had previously courted controversy when she hosted an event aimed at promoting diversity in which white men were banned.

It goes without saying, Mustafa and her brand of regressive thinking are repellent. Yes, she does encapsulate everything that is wrong with today’s PC Student culture – but she should be free to make a fool of herself. That is how idiots are exposed, and to force her into silence would probably do her argument a favour.

We only know Mustafa is a sexist racist because she had the freedom to voice it, just as we have the freedom to respond and ridicule. The alternative – the road we are now on – is a society where everybody lives in their own sterile, bubble of ignorance. A society where everybody will be afraid to say anything that might offend anyone, to the point that nobody will have a chance to hear a different view, because nobody will voice them. This is not how progress is made.

Resisting the ideology espoused by “progressives” like her is imperative, but the courtroom is not the place to do it. The same laws being used to silence Mustafa today can be used to silence you tomorrow. What we really need is less legal regulation of speech. If Mustafa is found guilty of a crime, it sets a dangerous precedent for the future.

Ideas can only truly be challenged through free and open debate, and it seems many are forgetting this ideal. This is especially true on our college campuses. Universities across the country are losing their reputations as bastions of intellectual rigour as they allow their Student Unions to ban potentially “dangerous” speakers”. These Unions are comprised of Students like Mustafa, who feel they are fit to judge what other students should and shouldn’t hear. Exactly what is happening here, only instead of a student union censoring views – it is the state.

So resist the temptation to celebrate the silencing of Bahar. As the noose on our freedom tightens, we all need to stand up for the right to have and voice stupid views, even the right of people we are in strong disagreement with. Whatever you think of Mustafa, to criminalise her is a loss for us all.

Posted by Stephen Beard

Writer from Liverpool, UK

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